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Hear ye, hear ye!

I know it’s been a while since I gave an update, an for that I apologies.

First off, welcome to all my new subscribers, and hello to all those of you who’ve been waiting patiently.

Here is the new news:

As of right now, To Kill a King is sill out for its final polish.

I have commissioned a new cover for To Kill a King.

The next book in the Rule of the gods universe, is nearly at the end of it’s first draft.

Charlotte’s Last Dance is doing well on Amazon. A hearty thank you for those who hav already bought it. If you haven’t bought my first publication, please do, I would love to see feed back and thoughts (hint hint–Please leave a review).


That is it for today. Happy reading, and be well.


Getting closer to a finished manuscript. Finally worked through the developmental edits provided by

I am hammer through the tedium of grammar checks! ya fun. Updated chapters will be posted soon. Come check the new information I put under reader tools:

I hope you are all having a great day.

Atlantis uses a mostly Roman/Byzantine Military structure and names. Much like a majority of the world uses the Gregorian Calander, even if they are not Christian nations. Latin is the Lingua franca of most of the world in Rule of the gods.

Atlantean Military Rank Conversion

Imperia                                            General

Legatus                                       Lieutenant

Praetoria                                 Commander

Tribune                              2nd Lieutenant

Preafectus                                       Colonel

Primus Pilus                                     Major

Pilus Prior                         Senior Captain

Centurion                                       Captain

Quaestor                            Quartermaster

Actarius                                     Paymaster

Optio                                             Sergeant

 Principali                                      Corporal

 Miles Gregarius                            Soldiers

Tirones                                           Traines

Capsaroir                                       Orderly

Medicus                                     Physician

Atlantean Military Structure

Unit                                              Men

Legio                                                 5,760

Chortum                                             480

Maniple                                               120

 Centuria                                                 80

Contubernium                                         8

16 pages into the new scene. I was supposed to be done today. But it grows as I write it. A new character materialized in the story from no where.

The end looms near, both for the revisions and my crowdfunding here.

I am still determined to continue towards publications. Updates will continue and so weill my work with

Made it to 70 readers on inkshares today.


The new Town Crier is up!

Now that I have this where I want it. My future updates on what I am doing, progress of my book and other inspiriting revelations will appear here.

The journey so far…My project on inkshares is winding down. but no fear, the saga continues.

I’ve made some big and some small moves to the story and text. One major change is to the title, the title Renegade has been changed to To Kill a King. Most of my current revisions aremoving towards the final revision for printing this year. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress towards that goal.

Just a heads up. Some chapters will be taken down for revision, so you’ll have to wait to read all the goodies.

I am working with John Robin on a structural / developmental editorial assessment, through his Story Perfect Editing Services company. You can find out more with the following link:

Also for those of you who enjoy writing check out this site:


Thank you for your continued support and sharing your imagination.